Detail of “Fiji Mermaid” from our new Rough & Ready Sideshow series debuting at @bashcontemporary this Sat. We created this piece by combining photos @impureacts shot of a live model on a plain canvas backdrop with a CG tail @hld4ransom sculpted & painted in #ZBrush . For the scene @hld4ransom digitally painted the backdrop & illustrated the ornate water tank using 50+ photos @impureacts took of 19th century coin-op machines at SFs infamous Musée Mécanique + algae & water scenes he shot at Cal Academy of Science. Thanks to Melanie Manson for the exquisite make-up & Dawn Sutti for the luscious hair. #ittakesavillagetofeedasiren #fijimermaid #soveryhungry #youlookdelicious #roughandreadysideshow #ransommitchell #bashcontemporary #fakebelieve

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