Faux 1950s linoleum is easy to create with a sponge roller. 1. Paint base color. Let dry. 2. Lightly apply two slightly darker colors in similar color tones with sponge roller. (Save time & put both colors on either side of the same tray). Let dry. 3. lightly go back over 2nd coat with original base color. 4. Prepare martini & stand on your new floor looking fabulous. #fakebelieve #trythisathome #ransommitchell

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Set Designer - Photo Illustrator Specializes in creating what doesn't exist and quite possibly shouldn't. You can delve deeper into her work with Jason Mitchell in their Ransom & Mitchell portfolio or in her set design portfolio. She also writes an art blog, Ransom Notes which highlights a wide variety of low brow artists and other off-beat creators. You can get inside her head on Facebook, instagram, Twitter,and Tumblr.

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